An eBook Is A Sales Lead Engine

If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker or other subject matter expert, conventional wisdom leads us to believe that you write a book and more recently an ebook, to share your message, personal passion and content expertise.  Publishing will build your professional credibility and assist you to uncover your unique audience.

However, there’s a new way to maximize the value of your ebook! You can direct your readers to your website or blog and transform your knowledge into more profit than just your book sales.

Just as a DVD movie includes a variety of bonus features, you can now continue to engage your audience by providing additional content often in an audio or video format. And… with the use of a social reading application, your audience can interact directly with you in real-time.

Rather than taking months to capture your thoughts and get them onto paper, why not immediately leverage the content that you already have created? With little effort, you can simply repurpose your existing written PDF content, PowerPoint presentation, stage presentation or audio and video files to act as the body of your ebook or as supportive material resident on your website/blog.

You can develop your ebook with exceptional ease, drive a large audience to any one of your marketing activities, where you can then begin building a personal relationship with your readers.

And… after you have engaged your new audience, you can more effectively sell your products and services and increase your revenue.

So where do you begin?

  • Are you going to develop a traditional ebook with continuous flow text for an eReader, smartphone or desktop reading application?
  • Are you planning to create an enhanced ebook with embedded audio and video files that can be efficiently accessed on new multimedia tablets?
  • Perhaps instead, you see the opportunity of writing a blended ebook, that offers strategically placed hyperlinks to content on your website or social community platform?

There are many choices available to you and more arrive monthly. As an author you will have many questions as you create, publish and market your ebook. I’m hoping you’ll find this website and blog, a place you plan to visit regularly to get advice and answers to those questions which you face.

Follow a few of the ideas I discuss and you will learn more about effortlessly converting your knowledge into an eBook. One, that will share your important message with more people, in a more powerful manner, with increased value, all while generating many new, and often missed revenue opportunities for you.

Hope to see you here again soon and I look forward to reading your comments. Let’s make your eBook a portal to your business.

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